5 Fan Theories About The Women Of The MCU

Black Widow

Heroes can make up any gender or species. In the MCU, women have proven that they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Let’s take a look at five fan theories about the women of the MCU.

1. In Endgame, we saw Black Widow and Hawkeye go to retrieve the Soul Stone. As we know, this was the final scene for Black Widow, as she sacrificed herself for the stone. These two going may seem like a coincidence, but some fans are pointing out that this is on purpose.

When deciding who to get the Soul Stone, Nebula suggested these two, because she knew what getting the stone meant. Essentially, Nebula knew how close the pair was, and thought that they would be the best pair to go.

2. Throughout Age of Ultron, Wanda seemingly placed visions in the heads of others. Rather than her implanting these visions, fans suggest that the visions are created by the Avengers themselves.

For example, Tony Stark has a vision that the Chitari return, because it’s something that he deeply fears. Wanda didn’t put prophecies in their head, simply because she couldn’t. Instead, Wanda manipulated their feelings to create their own visions.

3. The Ancient One, first introduced in Dr. Strange, eventually dies, saying that it was fated to happen because she couldn’t look into the future of her life past that moment. For someone who emphasizes doing what is right and often breaks rules, many find it hard to believe that she just accepted fate. This theory suggests that the Ancient One lied, and she could actually see more into the future than we were led to believe.

There is a chance that the Ancient One saw the future, where she lost all of her powers. Her dying at this moment was on purpose, to avoid what would have happened to her in the future.

4. Black Widow has appeared in pretty much MCU movie, starting with Iron Man 2. Throughout these movies, her personality seemed to fluctuate between several different personality types. Her hairstyle frequently changes, as well as her role in the movies. This may be because she hasn’t quite figured out who she really is.

Black Widow has spent most of her life pretending to be something that she is not. Rather than having a solid personality, she is just having an identity crisis.

5. First introduced in Ant Man, the Quantum Realm becomes a very important concept in the MCU. Based on dialogue from Scott and Hank Pym, time works differently here. Scott was in the Quantum Realm for 5 years, but it only felt like 5 hours to him.

For some reason though, Janet Van Dyne spent 30 years in the Quantum Realm, which was still 30 years in real life. Fans theorize that this may be because she interacted with a Time Vortex. This basically trapped her inside the Quantum Realm, making the time pass by as it does in the real world.


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