5 Heartbreaking Facts About Loki Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Loki looking sad

With the recent release of the Loki series on Disney Plus, we were given another look at this MCU villain. Loki is popular because of the depth of his story, so let’s look at five heartbreaking facts about the God of Mischief.

1. Loki loved Frigga but sadly, his last words to her weren’t that kind. Prior to Frigga dying, Loki cautiously says that she isn’t his mother. This was a sad moment, but afterward, Frigga left the room and ultimately met her demise at the hands of Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves. Technically, Frigga was not Loki’s mother, but as he grew up, she assumed the mother role and he grew to love her. In this moment, he is rejecting her love.

2. Unlike other Asgardians, Loki was born in Jotunheim. As we know, Jotunheim is where the Frost Giants live, and they are pretty large in size. Baby Loki was fairly small (understandably so, since he is a baby), and seen as an embarrassment, leading to his abandonment. Eventually, we see Odin rescue and raise Loki as his own, but the first few moments of Loki’s life are definitely a bit heartbreaking.

3. The last time we see Loki and Thor together is at the beginning of Infinity War. In this opening scene, Loki and Thanos are talking about the Tesseract, which is what Thanos is after. Thanos kills Loki after he looks to Thor, saying that “the sun will shine on us again”.

Loki could have fled the ship, but he chose to stay with his brother. Instead of abandoning Thor to die alone, Loki stands by his side and meets his own end. This was an impactful opening scene, but with the Loki show, we were given additional glimpses at Loki and the potential of different timelines. This means that Loki could potentially come back to reunite with Thor.

4. As Frigga was being killed by Malekith, Loki was plotting revenge on Thor by sending the Dark Elves after him. This would prevent Thor from saving others. Loki was unaware of what was happening to his mother and played a part in her death. In the series Loki, he witnessed Frigga’s death and was visibly distressed. Here, he recognized the part he played in her death and felt guilty.

5. From his first appearance, Loki appeared to be a villain. He seemed like a self-centered narcissist hailing from Jotunheim. Although Odin takes in Loki as his own son, he initially had no intention of this. As the young prince of Jotunheim, Odin originally planned for Loki to serve as a method of peace between the Jotunheim and Asgard. With an Asgardian-raised Jotunheim prince, the two realms would become allies.

In the end, Odin doesn’t use Loki as a pawn, and he doesn’t actually become a Jotunheim prince. Overall though, it’s tragic to know that there was no emotion or kindness in Odin originally taking Loki in.

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