5 Theories About Loki That Will Change The Way You See Him

Stills of Odin and Loki

With the Loki series available on Disney Plus, the fan theories are stacking up. Let’s take a look at five popular theories surrounding Loki.

1. In Thor Ragnarok, we learn that before the first movie, Odin was a bit ruthless. He conquered kingdoms and nobody stood in his way. For some reason though, he abandoned this way of life. Fans theorize that this was Loki’s doing.

After finding baby Loki in Jotunheim, Odin realized how ruthless he actually was; sympathizing with an abandoned baby. This caused Odin to tone down the conquering. During Loki’s play in Ragnarok, the actor for Odin even mentions that Loki “melted this old fool’s heart”.

2. Loki’s death was emotional, but what if he died on purpose? At the beginning of Infinity War, Loki stands against Thanos and is killed. At this point, Loki knows how powerful Thanos is though. This means that he could have purposely been killed, just to get to Valhalla. Valhalla is only achievable if you die in battle, and is filled with great Asgardian heroes, including Odin. Fans suggest that Loki purposely wanted to get to Valhalla to see Odin and get advice on how to defeat Thanos.

From Valhalla, Loki would then be able to send a message back to Thor, giving him the help he needed.

3. Throughout the movies, Loki appears to be left-handed. Interestingly, there are only a few times that he uses his left hand. The first time was when he faked his own death as an illusion. This theory suggests that to perform illusions, Loki uses his left hand.

This also means Loki’s death could have been an illusion. During his final scene with Thanos, Loki holds a dagger with his left hand. If he really only uses his left hand for illusions, then the real Loki could still be out there.

4. Loki’s final words to Thor were, “the sun will shine on us again, brother”. While this was an emotional line showing their connection, it could also be an important clue for Thor to follow. Many fans speculate that the ‘sun’ represents Nidavellir, the star that the dwarves revolved around.

Loki’s words conveyed to Thor that he needed to visit Nidavellir and forge a new weapon to kill Thanos. Afterward, we see Thor journey to Nidavellir and forge this weapon, which is even described as “the Thanos killing kind” of weapon.

5. This is less of a theory, and more of an interesting Easter egg. While Loki is at the TVA for questioning, we were shown various flashbacks from his life. One of these flashbacks included Loki on a plane, saying he has a bomb. The flight attendant calls him Mr. Cooper, as in the famous plane hijacker, D.B Cooper. In 1971, Cooper hijacked an airplane and then disappeared, never to be seen again. This scene from the first episode of Loki is a nod to this mystery.

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