5 MCU Villain Fan Theories That Will Change The Way You Re-Watch The Movies

Stills of Thanos and Loki

Along with a variety of superheroes, the MCU has also given us several villains. Let’s take a look at five popular fan theories about these villains.

1. At the end of Infinity War, we see Captain America resist Thanos by blocking the Infinity Gauntlet with both hands. In this scene, Thanos looks a bit confused, wondering how this is possible. At this moment though, the glove didn’t have all the Infinity Stones placed, and the gauntlet was responding to the ‘will’ of the user. Since Captain America had both hands on the gauntlet, it recognized his will. In this moment, we see that Captain America’s will is stronger than Thanos’ will.

2. Through every movie with Loki, we see him wielding weapons with his right hand. Interestingly, he only uses his left hand two times. When he fakes his own death in the second Thor movie, he does so with a dagger in his left hand. Later, we see Loki wielding a dagger in his left hand prior to him being killed by Thanos. This theory suggests that during this scene, we were actually witnessing a Loki illusion and that the real Loki is still alive.

3. There is an infinite number of timelines in the MCU. With the time stone, Thanos could have easily looked into the future and saw the events in Endgame. Rather than looking through all the timelines, Thanos viewed one in which he was victorious (thus stating, “I am inevitable”).

Thanos did not account for all the other timelines, but thankfully, Dr. Strange did. With this knowledge, Dr. Strange could manipulate the timeline into one where Thanos was defeated.

4. In Thor Ragnarok, we were introduced to Hela, Odin’s first born child. Fans have pointed out at Hela may not be the daughter of Frigga. This is evident by how little they resemble each other, as well as Frigga’s disdain towards Hela. Fans have even gone so far as to suggest that Hela is the daughter of Lady Death herself. This is plausible, given that Hela enjoys causing destruction.

5. The Hulk is pretty strong, but he is no match for Thanos’ strategy in battle. Rather than using brute strength to fight the Hulk, Thanos executes a series of calculated attacks. He hits the Hulk in his neck, which limits oxygen, and overall, disorientates him. Thanos knew that the Hulk became stronger with anger so, with these neck attacks, he aims to confuse the Hulk so he can’t properly become angry.

Eventually, we see Thanos attack the Hulk in the kidneys. Many MMA fighters mention that this is one of the worst places to be hit, and can even be ‘debilitating’. Overall, Thanos used his knowledge and quick thinking to fight against the Hulk.

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