5 Times MCU Heroes Did Objectively Awful Stuff


In general, MCU heroes are the good guys. Sometimes, their actions can become a bit questionable. Here are five of the worst things that our heroes have done.

1. Asgardians can be ruthless at times. In the first Thor movie, we see Thor basically attempts genocide on the Frost Giants of Jotunheim. Although Thor didn’t intend to kill them all, he certainly killed enough to make the Frost Giants mad. Somehow, he forgot the alliance that Odin had created between Asgard and Jotunheim.

2. WandaVision was one of Disney’s first MCU shows. Focusing on Wanda and Vision, we saw Wanda mind-control an entire town into her dream life. As the show progresses, it’s revealed that the controlled townspeople are suffering, all at the hands of Wanda. On a few occasions, this control curse is broken, and townspeople cry out to Vision for help.

Instead of ending the curse that controls the people, Wanda ignored their pleas for help. She would rather live the fake life that she created for herself, with Vision at her side. Wanda obviously has her reasons to control the town and we feel sympathetic towards her, but there’s no denying that what she did to the people of Westview was terrible.

3. The Hulk and Bruce Banner are two different people, trapped in the same body. Turning into the Hulk really takes a toll on Banner, leaving him distraught and confused. Unfortunately, these feelings are not taken into consideration, and the Avengers constantly use the Hulk as a pawn in battle. Both the Hulk and Banner don’t like being used as a pawn, but this is never acknowledged by anyone.

4. While on Titan in Infinity War, Thanos and a group of Avengers face off. Eventually, Thanos is put under Mantis’ control as they try to take off the Infinity Gauntlet. The group was a few seconds away from successfully removing it before Star-Lord loses his temper and attacks Thanos. This temper was due to learning how Gamora died (which was as a sacrifice for the Soul Stone).

Attacking Thanos causes Mantis to lose her grip and sets Thanos free. Moments later, Thanos snaps his fingers to eliminate half of the universe. If Star-Lord had not lost his temper in this scene, Thanos would not be able to go through with his plan.

5. After seeing a vision from Wanda of each being invaded, Tony Stark takes it upon himself to create Ultron. Ultron was meant to protect the world from any threats but instead, ends up causing large amounts of destruction, even taking out Sokovia.

Tony Stark was warned by multiple people against creating Ultron. He didn’t fully know what he was doing, and others around him saw this. Unfortunately, Tony Stark didn’t really care about this advice and went on to make Ultron anyways. Eventually, the Avengers manage to stop Ultron’s plan to wipe out all humans, but there was no undoing the destruction that was caused.

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