Batman Theories: Batman Attracts Criminals To Gotham ON PURPOSE


A big criticism of Batman is that his destructive obsession with Gotham villains creates a feedback loop of violence that produces more and more collateral damage—innocent Gotham civilian lives lost. As Batman’s obsession with the latest villain grows, so too does the villian’s obsession with Batman. The result is an escalating series of pitched battles between Batman and the villian that wreak incredible havoc on Gotham. The cycle is entirely predictable.

Batman and Joker

But what if Batman knew the cycle was entirely predictable, and had a reason for perpetuating it? One of the Batman theories we recently encountered has an explanation.

Imagine you’re a policeman in anywhere other than Gotham, and some random clown with a machine gun appears and uses chemical gas on hundreds of civilians. You’d have no idea what to do.


But if you’re in the Gotham police force, that’s just your average day on the job.

Gotham police and Batman

This is also the case for Batman himself.

Batman in the Bat Cave

Consider the fact that in The Injustice comics, Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane and their unborn child.

Superman and Joker

And this wasn’t Joker with extra powers, or with more planning. It was simply Joker against anyone other than Batman.

Joker fighting Superman

Batman knows he’s a magnet for Joker, and actively tries to keep him in Gotham so he doesn’t wreak havoc on unprepared cities and superheroes.

Joker and Batman

Further, Batman knows he’s a magnet for all supervillians, so he effectively gathers them all in one place, where he can deal with them—along with the Gotham Police Force, who also knows how to aid and assist Batman with his fights.

Batman fighting Bane

Think about it. The supervillians’ obsession with Batman keeps them focused on him, as opposed to spreading their fear and chaos across the country, on unprepared towns and cities.

Batman villians

By keeping all the supervillians in one place, Batman is saving the rest of the country from the chaos and destruction.


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